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Ideas from other sufferers

A small scientific trial has shown that Geranium Bourbon Oil 100% rubbed onto the skin began relieving pain 2 to 10 minutes after application. Relief was greatest at 60 minutes after rubbing it in. Using the oil mixed half ad half with a carrier oil (this could be a kitchen oil) was less effective - but still somewhat beneficial.  Geranium Bourbon Oil can be obtained from suppliers of essential oils. One supplier is: Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd - telephone 01530 838358 or  and go to Essential Oils/Geranium Bourbon


Self help ideas for you to try. They have not been scientifically tested, but may be helpful for you.

"Omega-3 essential fatty acid sources are extremely useful for Postherpetic neuralgia, as they help the body to repair nerve cells. I have used both algae oil capsules and marine phytoplankton supplements too good effect."

"I am so glad I tried the lidocaine ointment: it only cost £1.55 (from my chemist) but it was worth thousands! I have suffered for years and it got so bad I was nearly passing out with the pain: it is lovely to be free!”

If you stop and think about what you intend to do BEFORE you do it, then there is less of a chance that you will have a set back. Remember pacing is ‘taking a break before you need it’ and spreading out your activities."

“I had an intolerable itch. After 3 years a new doctor prescribed cetirizine 10mg daily. It stopped the itching and would be well worth trying.”
“I’ve tried many things but got the most relief from massaging the area with St John’s Wort oil - first thing, and then whenever necessary. It costs £4.39 a bottle and has been a life saver to me.  I take St John’s Wort capsules too; also vit. B complex.” Foods with vitamin B include oats, eggs, fish, leafy green veg, milk, cheese, nuts and bananas.
·     “I put 5 drops of chamomile oil into 10 ml (2 tsps) of carrier oil (almond). Rub it into (or near) the affected part - as required. Bliss!”
·     "Use lavender oil or dab with tea-tree oil – you might want to dilute in warm water.” 
·     “Mix a few drops of essential oil of lavender, thyme, sage, eucalyptus, rosemary and cypress into a base of sweet almond oil and put this mix on a compress or apply directly to the affected area. I took a course of magnesium tablets also and after a few days the relief was tremendous."
·     "I got over a nasty attack with the aid of calendula lotion on the blisters and calend ointment once the blisters had dried."
·      “5 drops of essential oil of melissa officinalis (lemon balm) mixed into 1 teaspoon of olive oil makes a skin-calming preparation that can be gently rubbed into the painful area.”
·     “Eurax cream stopped my itching for 10 hours”

“When I wake in the night with pain, I knead the area with my knuckles for a while and that suppresses the pain for an hour or so, enough so I can go back to sleep.”
“I placed a pad over the sore area and firmly bandaged it in place. The pressure relieved pain.”
“As long as I am busy doing something I enjoy, I don’t really mind the pain. I stay busy in my garden as much as possible!”
“Distractions like doing a jigsaw puzzle... Any occupational therapy that is possible and enjoyable”
“Ice is good: 10 minutes on and 5 minutes off - or fill a hot water bottle with ice-cold water and apply it to the affected areas to reduce the discomfort.”
“When it was at its worst, I found the burning was eased with Kool’N’Soothe pads, normally used for headaches. The effect lasts up to 6 hours, if you can manage to keep it in place.”
“A cannabis spray called Sativex was prescribed for my MS – it worked brilliantly for my PHN too.”
“I used my heat-toning massager, this worked wonders. Using the heat and vibrations I managed to get some much needed sleep.”
“Rest and sleep as much as you can.”

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