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Help the Shingles Support Society

The Shingles Support Society is a sub-group of the Herpes Viruses Association (HVA) a registered charity, offering support to patients. It was set up in response to a bequest received to help people with shingles and PHN.  As a voluntary organisation, we depend to a great extent on your donations to enable us to continue to serve the community - we rely on your generosity. 

Please would you make a donation? Click here - it will take you to the HVA website where you can donate.  Any amount will help, no matter how small. Cash or postage stamps, cheques or postal orders (made out to Sphere, and addressed to 41 North Rd, London N7 9DP) will help to ensure our work continues. Or you can click through to the shop area here and scroll down the page to where you can order the full 19 page "Shingles Information Pack" as described above.

If you prefer, you can donate and/or order the "Shingles Information Pack" by phoning our administration on 020 7607 9661.

Perhaps you would consider making a legacy. Thank you!

Marian Nicholson, Director

P.S. The Society has received an educational grant from SanofiPasteur to create the GPs' Guidelines.  But we need on-going support from the people we help.

Bequests We know that many people leave money to charities in their wills. We would really appreciate it if you would consider this kind of donation. If you already have a will, you can leave something to the Shingles Support Society in a codicil, that is an addition to your existing will. This is easier (and cheaper) than getting a whole new will.

Our thanks goes out to the memory of Mrs Phyllis Ivy Currie who left us a tremendously welcome legacy.  The final years of her life had been blighted by PHN and she was often in touch with our helpline. 

We were left money by Mr Stone, whose son informed us: "My father found the information that you supplied made such a difference to his quality of life in his final years that he wants others to benefit as well."

Mrs Scott’s church arranged a special collection for us in her memory and donated it to our charity. We were very touched.

Mr Goldman asked the Rotary Club he was very involved with to send the money raised when he died to us: "The Shingles Support Society is my favourite charity" he told them.

As a registered charity (no. 291657) we submit details annually to the Charity Commission so that it can ensure that we are fulfilling our constitutional ‘statement of aims’. You can be sure that your legacy would go to help spread information about treatments for PHN to everyone who needs it.

This 'Shingles Support Society website' has been designed with an unrestricted educational grant from SanofiPasteur MSD.